IP Litigation

Litigation has been a characterizing part of our practice since 1995, including securing successful business outcomes through action in the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal and the British Columbia Supreme Court. We also coordinate with our associates in respect of foreign IP litigation.


While litigation is the ultimate enforcement tool, not all enforcement involves court action. We routinely monitor portfolio infringements for our key clients and we both assert and defend against claims of infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property.

Securing IP Protection

We advise as to forms of intellectual property that can arise without registration such as trade secrets and confidentiality obligations, invention rights, common law rights in trademarks and copyright. However, a major portion of our practice involves preparing and prosecution patent, trademark, design and copyright applications for commercial clients and for our foreign associates.

IP Portfolio Planning

What a client should patent or what trademark should be registered is not always obvious. The most effective planning and IP decision-making is a function of experience and understanding our clients’ resources and strategic objectives.


We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting license agreements.

Insurance Support

Assisting in insurance claims relating to intellectual property disputes.