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Hockey Emotions Boil Over

During the warm up in a beer league playoff match, one of the players intentionally crosses over into the opposing team’s half of the ice and takes a shot on the opponent’s goalie, thereby breaking a sacred unwritten rule of pre-game warm-ups.  The whole show is calculated to goad a particular hothead in the opponents’ team and it has the desired effect during the game.  Although it is a non-contact league, checks do happen but are routinely penalized.  But this hothead, having also suffered teasing pokes from the same offending player all game long, and a solid check from him in the second period, finally loses it in the third period and charges the offending player, decking him and causing significant physical injuries.  The hothead is ejected from the game, and is later charged criminally with assault. 
That scenario will be tried, entirely in French, in moot court on March 10 by French-speaking lawyers before a French-speaking judge and a French-speaking jury at the Vancouver Law Courts.   As an avid hockey player, Paul Smith will be participating as counsel.  The annual event is put on by the Association des Juristes Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique to showcase the involvement of francophones in the BC legal system.  For further information and to attend click here