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Industrial Designs – Not Just Another Pretty Face

Industrial design registrations, AKA design patents in the U.S. and some other countries, are often seen as the “poor man’s patent” – something to consider only if you’ve got a great invention, but not the money to pursue a “real” (utility) patent. 

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Consenting Views

A common objection raised during trademark prosecution is confusion with an existing trademark registration. One approach to overcoming such an objection is to secure a consent agreement from the owner of the cited registration.

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2014 Bizarre Patent Calendar

Interested in bizarre patents? Download a free 2014 calendar at www.patex.ca , courtesy of PATSCAN, a service of PATEX Research and Consulting Ltd.

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Will a Copyright Dispute Sink the Bluenose II (Or is it III?)

The Amazing Race Canada wrapped up a few weeks ago, and if you are a fan, it was pretty entertaining. But I keep thinking about the 8th episode, in which the teams visited Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and were given a Canadian dime as a clue.

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IP Insurance

IP-specific insurance is available. Various providers offers policies to cover the costs of defending against a frivolous IP claim.

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